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2. Summary

This GOC describes the scope and engagement of DAO Committee Operators who are tasked with providing necessary support functions for DAO Committees in an effort to keep operations running without interruptions and monitor the completion of committee projects and tasks. It also describes the compensation structure, eligibility criteria, voting procedures, and term lengths for this role.

3. Motivation

Decentralized organizations receive most contributions from its members via part-time efforts. Many members cannot guarantee consistent weekly contributions, which may lead to temporary gaps for the DAO to deliver on its goals. DAO Committee Operators are meant to bridge that gap.

DAO Committee Operators engage wherever there may be shortfalls in necessary contributions. They lead by example and thereby inspire others in the DAO to join their efforts. Many committees have complex structures and intertwined processes that not every DAO member may be aware of at all times. As domain experts, DAO Committee Operators also serve to ensure that other committee members are calibrated and aligned around the same goals that the respective committee pursues.

4. Specification

4.1. Role Responsibilities

The role of a Committee Operator is to cultivate engagement and contributions from all Committee members and, ultimately, to ensure the completion of essential committee tasks and projects. The ideal mindset of an Operator is to lead by example in an effort to inspire fellow committee members to also take initiative. An Operator is also encouraged to coach and mentor on committee assignments to help other committee members succeed in their contributions.

The Committee Operator role shall not be viewed as a fallback to assign responsibility to complete unattended committee tasks. It is expected that Operators demonstrate above average level of engagement within a committee, however, that does not make Operators accountable to complete all tasks. It is recognized that a committee’s best chances to fulfill their assignments is maximized only when contributions are made from a broad group of committee members working together.

As guidance, below are some critical qualifications an Operator shall bring into the role and against which they may be assessed:

  • Attention to detail

  • Well organized

  • Good communicator

  • Inclusive mindset

  • Builder

4.2. Compensation

Committee Operators receive 20% of a committee’s allocated compensation budget at the end of each epoch. In the event that there are two Operators in a given epoch due to a transition, only the DAO member serving as the Operator at the end of the epoch will receive the compensation described above.

In addition to the 20% of a committee’s compensation budget, Operators are also entitled to the same compensation opportunities via Coordinape in the same way as all other DAO members working in committees.

4.3. Term Length

Committee Operators will serve a term of 6 months, with no term limits. Terms begin on January 1st and July 1st of each calendar year.

4.4. Voting

4.4.1. Eligibility Criteria

Operators must be DAO members and shall have demonstrated qualification and engagement as baseline eligibility criteria at the time of voting. Therefore, in order to be eligible for the Committee Operator role, a DAO member must have received at least 50 GIVE in Coordinape in the respective committee for the prior two epochs. This criteria ensures that a DAO member was active in the committee leading up to the voting, and also has met minimum criteria for contributing value to the committee, as determined by fellow DAO members in Coordinape.

A DAO member shall only be eligible to become an Operator in one committee at the same time.

4.4.2. Nomination

Committee Operator nominations are posted in the Forum no later than two weeks prior to the start of each voting period and will remain on the Forum for ten days. Nominations shall include the following information:

  • Name

  • Nominated Committee

  • Brief narrative of the motivation for nomination

DAO members may nominate themselves or another committee member for the Committee Operator role, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. If an eligible DAO member receives a nomination from another committee member, the nominated DAO member must accept the nomination to establish their candidacy in the Committee Operator voting period.

4.4.3. Regular Voting

Voting for the Committee Operator role will be conducted via a 10-day, off-chain voting period by way of a Forum poll. The voting period will begin four weeks prior to the start of the next term (January 1st and July 1st). Only DAO members in the associated committee are eligible to vote in the election.

To win the election, a Committee Operator candidate must receive a simple majority of the eligible votes. The Committee will use Coordinape to capture and record a snapshot of the eligible voters in the election prior to the start of the off-chain voting period. Forum moderators will ensure that the committee group’s assignments are accurate at the beginning of the voting period.

In the event of a tie, the following tie-breaker rules shall apply in the following order:

  1. The candidate with the most voting shares in DAOhaus wins the election.

  2. If the tie remains, then the candidate with the longest tenure in the DAO wins the election.

  3. If the tie still remains, then the candidate who has received the most GIVE in that Committee’s Coordinape Circle for the previous two epochs wins the election.

The below chart provide a visual flow of the entire voting process throughout the calendar year:

4.4.4. Voting to Remove Operator

Any committee member can post a yes/no vote in the Forum to request the removal of a Committee Operator via off-chain vote. Such proposals shall be underpinned with substantive reasoning that explain the suggestion for removal. The following represent justification reasons the DAO members may consider to support the removal of an Operator:

  • Breach of Code of Conduct

  • Neglecting Committee responsibilities

  • Overreaching in authorities

  • Low quality of contributions

  • Lack of communications

4.4.5. Special Election

If an Operator leaves in the middle of a term, a special voting will take place to elect a replacement following the same format as specified for regular elections. The term length following a special voting lasts for the balance of the regular term until either June 30th or December 31st.

5. References

5.1. Relevant GOCs

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